Capability Development

Facilitating difficult conversations to build deeper connections

We’re only 7 degrees of connection away from complete strangers. Robots can outcalculate, outanalyse, and outdo us in multiple ways.

What’s our USP as human beings in a new business venture then?

It’s our capability to genuinely connect with our own needs, our own views, our own dreams, AND authentically connect with the needs, views and dreams of others.

When we do this in the face of conflict, in the eye of the storm, then we not only grow ourselves, but grow our business in ways we never imagined possible.

Our Service

Leading a High Performance Team

Communicating Effectively


Facilitating Authentic Connections

At Connect2Decide we facilitate this connection, create this metaphorical eye of the storm.

We create a safe space for you to have challenging discussions, for you to acknowledge and connect in an authentic way with different, potentially opposing, views.

We will increase your capability to acknowledge issues earlier, to take decisions in a way that allows you to stay in positive connection with yourself and others. This releases energy & time, (aka money!) for you to invest moving forward.

In years to come the “thorn in your side” could be your employee, investor, customer, valued advisor or competitor.

Positive authentic relationships of all sorts are the capability keys to success in the present and the future. We can create them, so far robots can’t!

Our focus on connection, and transferring skills on how to take decisions in the face of conflict, is what makes us stand out. We don’t start with the rational or political issues – we know that the emotional undercurrents are what really affect our relationships, and influence decisions and growth. So we help bring these to the surface, acknowledge them, embrace the learning and then the rational solution emerges.

Rational and practical solutions are straightforward once you’re authentically connected and in honest and congruent relationship with those around you.

Leading a High Performing Team

How would you describe a high performing team?  Does your leadership team reflect those characteristics?

Be honest with yourself.

It takes time and discipline to move from a loosely connected group, to a team, to a high performing team with a clear, common goal and effective and ever improving ways of working.

We’ll help you evaluate your current effectiveness as a team, and offer you additional tools and techniques that you can use to strengthen your culture and deliver more – in less time.

Communicating Effectively

How often do you leave a meeting unsure what decisions were made?

How often is it the same players talking?

How often does a particular topic come up again and again?

How often are big announcements circulated via the grapevine beforehand?

At Connect2Decide we bring you a set of tools and techniques that make it considerably easier to say what needs to be said, to hear merit in an opposing view, and to enable impactful decisions.


Exploring your next career move?  Want to be put forward for that promotion?  Opportunity to present to colleagues and senior leaders and keen to make a lasting (positive!) impact?  Managing a new team, and realized you weren’t born the perfect manager?   Finding it difficult to transition from management to leadership?

We’ve coached hundreds of clients, including managers, pharmacists, medics, scientists and engineers as well as head teachers and students.

Connection is at the heart of our coaching. Connection with each other, ourselves, and those around us.

A key element of our coaching is re-connecting you with your aspirations and needs.  We’ll look at your values, your goals, your strengths.  By the way, we’ll really focus on your strengths as we believe playing to them is crucial.

Then we’ll look at the people and opportunities around you.  How do you connect with them?  What wisdom, laughter and challenge do they bring to the party?   How can this support you achieve your goals?

In case you’re worried this all sounds a bit “soft”, don’t be! There’s nothing “soft” about developing yourself and exploring opportunities with enthusiasm and awareness.

We’ll apply rigorous frameworks, use tested and tried techniques and tools.  You’ll measure successes as well as learning from setbacks.

Connect2Decide how coaching could support you achieve your goals.