Tom’s a director playing an important role in a cultural transformation programme, and wanted to enhance his leadership skills. 

We looked at his current strengths, which were many, and identified two areas of focus: Executive presence and decision making under pressure. 

During 4 coaching sessions we explored his values, communication preferences, what playing from a 10 would look like, and how Tom could build on existing strengths to flex and adapt his approach to communication and meeting management. 

As a result of our coaching work, Tom felt much more comfortable honouring his values, and his communication became clearer.  He adapted how he prepared for meetings so that he was better able to deal with on the spot decisions.  Not only that, he became more resilient and aware of the importance of looking after himself physically to ensure that he was confident and assertive when interacting with his colleagues.

Julie, a senior leader in a global multinational, was wondering “What next?”, and wanted more motivation and fulfilment at work.

As a result of our coaching programme, which included commitments and reflection in between sessions, Julie redefined priorities at work and set clearer boundaries, which also included saying no to influential stakeholders. She worked with her PA to better manage her diary, and consistently allocated time to think strategically.

When we compared initial and end of programme self evaluations, we found that key areas such as self care, planning, quality conversations at work and delegation had all improved by a minimum of 2 points on a scale of 1-10, and some considerably more.