Changing your company DNA

Discover your company growth DNA, and use it to achieve your goals.

Connect 2 DecideAll small companies want to grow, but often neglect their growth DNA.

By this we mean how people act in relation to each other.  How are leaders creating loyalty, motivating individuals, and enabling effective and impactful decisions? How are they tapping into views and emotions in order to keep their team on board and create success?

Ignoring a companies growth DNA dilutes or extinguishes what made you so successful in the first place.

We work with companies to enable a full understanding of their growth DNA, integrating these insights with diagnostics on values, decisionmaking, and people management.

Change Management services:

  • DNA diagnostic  This provides insights into your Values, your decision making, and your attitude to conflict and growth. Converts friction to positive action.
  • People keys  An analysis of your talent management strategy and current people management processes in an interactive way. Provides a set of insights and next steps.
  • Founders as leaders  1:1 coaching on authentic leadership, preferred exit strategies, personal goals and related business impact.