Coaching - Individual 1:1 or Group

Increase self awareness, take decisions, and achieve your goals

Our coaching is outcome focussed, increases self awareness, helps you take decisions, and act. Our coaches are accredited, with over 10 years business coaching experience. We’ll look at:
  • Your values and goals
  • Your strengths. We’ll really focus on those as we believe playing to your strengths is crucial.
  • The people and opportunities around you. How do you connect with them?
In case you’re worried this all sounds a bit “soft”, don’t be! We’ll apply rigorous frameworks, use tried and tested techniques. We’ll measure success as well as learning from any setbacks. Get in touch for a scoping conversation.

Coaching services:

Individual 1:1 coaching The agenda is set by you. Common goals are improved work-life balance, smooth transitioning back to work after a sabbatical, working towards a promotion.

Group coaching We deliver 3- 6 month programmes tailored to individual and company needs supporting women in the workplace.

Founders as leaders 1:1 coaching on authentic leadership, preferred exit strategies, personal goals and related business impact.

Leading with integrity A coach works closely with the manager to help them articulate their own values, their own style of leadership, and how to incorporate it into their management role.

Presenting with impact Presenting an idea, data, or plan to senior stakeholders can be daunting. We'll work together to ensure you present yourself and your material at your best.