Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a gateway to growth. Leverage it to your advantage

Know the colleague who procrastinates and makes excuses? Met directors who only communicate through secretaries? Team mates who won’t make coffee in the same kitchen?   All symptoms of unaddressed conflict.

Yet conflict is a gateway to growth and opportunity if we know how to handle it.

We offer mediation and conflict coaching, helping you convert conflict to growth.

Conflict Resolution services:

Mediation Services Initial consultancy, mediation days when both parties explore the conflict individually and jointly to find resolution; formal post mediation agreements between the parties.

Conflict resolution interventions One off interventions, or a 10 week programme. We use tried and tested tools to help identify and resolve issues.

1:1 conflict coaching Enables individuals to acknowledge and address friction, giving them tools and techniques to create positive and rewarding working relationships. HR managers often use this to support newly promoted managers, or leaders who are having difficulties with teams.