HR professionals

Embedding people management principles in your business, enabling high performing teams

Many HR and team managers spend inordinate amounts of time dealing with HR grievances or people issues when they really want to be building the business,  and thinking strategically.

We use mediation frameworks, tools, and people strategy knowledge to resolve issues. The grievance/people issue is a signpost to an opportunity for individuals and the organisation.

We facilitate self-awareness for those involved, and help identify a set of lessons learnt and next steps for the organisation.

We support HR professionals in 3 main ways:

Conflict resolution One off interventions, or a 10 week programme. We work with groups using a tried and tested toolkit to help identify and resolve issues. We include psychometric tools as appropriate. We also provide a 1 day workplace mediation service

Manager training A 90 day new manager programme offered to newly promoted individuals. This is tailored to ensure they play to their strengths, address gaps, and understand key team management principles.

1:1 conflict coaching HR Managers are often dealing with multiple stakeholders who may have conflicting needs. Our HR coaching programme transfers key stakeholder and conflict management tools and techniques.