Play to your strengths, identify gaps, and achieve your goals

Sometimes we go through an intense period of change, and find we need additional skills or self awareness to navigate successfully.  Close friends, managers, peers provide useful sounding boards but you may not feel comfortable being completely open with them, and they may not have the time, active listening and coaching skills that you need.

Clients come to us with big ambitions, difficult decisions, a lack of confidence, and in challenging situations.

At Connect2Decide our coaching is outcome focussed, increases self awareness, helps you take decisions, and act. All our coaches are accredited and have more than 10  years of business coaching experience

An integral part of our coaching will re-connect you with your own deeper aspirations and needs. We’ll look at your values, your goals, your strengths. By the way, we’ll really focus on those as we believe playing to your strengths is crucial. Then we’ll look at the people and opportunities around you. How do you connect with them? What wisdom, opportunity and laughter do they bring to your life?

In case you’re worried this all sounds a bit “soft”, don’t be! There’s nothing “soft” about developing yourself and taking opportunities with enthusiasm and awareness.

We’ll apply rigorous frameworks, use tried and tested techniques and tools. We’ll be measuring successes and as well as learning from any setbacks.

Connect2Decide supports Individuals in the following ways:

  • Individual 1:1 coaching  The agenda will be set by you to ensure you are being your best in the workplace. Challenges that often emerge are work-life balance, transitioning back to work after a sabbatical, and how to assert yourself in a male dominated environment.
  • Presenting with impact  Being able to present results, project plans, or ideas well often has a significant impact on how effective you are perceived to be. Presenting with Impact is a programme of 10 sessions to enable individuals to confidently present data or ideas to large or small groups in person or virtually.