Leaders & Managers

Develop your team management skills and become an authentic leader

Every management role brings its own challenges.  These include internal politics, demanding stakeholders, communicating unwelcome news, moving from peer and confidante to manager.   Unless supported many managers burn out, lose their enthusiasm and faith in their organisation, and take their valuable skills elsewhere.

We give managers key skills to lead teams with confidence, and address challenges without losing their integrity.

We support managers in 4 main ways:

Realizing potential This programme enables managers to realize the potential of their team, as well as playing to their own strengths. It focuses on how to give and receive feedback, transfers coaching skills, and tools and techniques to build high performing teams.

Lowering the waterline This is an individual or group programme that enables the manager to identify undercurrents within the team and how to tap into them when making decisions.

Leading with integrity A coach works closely with the manager to help them articulate their own values, their own style of leadership, and how they will incorporate it into their management role.

Presenting with impact This is a programme of 10 sessions to enable managers to confidently present data or ideas to large or small groups in person or virtually.