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Build deeper connections, enable wiser decisions, create sustainable growth

So you’re a new company, and you’ve great people on board.

Sales are up, investors are calling, customers are excited.

What could go wrong?

Often the team goes through a tough patch at this stage. There's a lot of pressure, a lot at stake, and your team may not be as clear as they were about who's doing what, why and when.

Maybe a few people used to be able to do everything, how can you retain this organic fluidity as you grow?

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DNA Analysis

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Understanding your company DNA

How clear are you about your company DNA?  Your company DNA is far more than your product, it's your values, and how you interact and communicate with each other.   This directly impacts creativity, whether great players stay on your team, and your bottom line.

Sometimes founding partners no longer want to work together, or communication breaks down in your leadership team.  How can you say what needs to be said, at the right time, and in a way that helps you, your team, and the customer?

Maybe some of your high flyers weren’t born perfect managers.  (Just as well, that would be boring!)  So how do you help them play to, and complement, their strengths?

Speaking and presenting to an audience terrifies lots of people – In fact it’s often quoted as being only second to death!  Now that’s a bit unfortunate if you're scaling up isn’t it? You take every opportunity possible to present your company, product, and people to investors, customers and peers, right?

So how do you get yourself and your team excited, confident and competent when presenting to an audience?

We work with you to help you answer these questions.

We facilitate deep conversations about your company DNA, your goals, and how to get there. We will facilitate deeper connections leading to wiser decisions.