Startups / SME

Helping you define a sustainable growth strategy

Statistics differ, but it’s generally agreed that less than 50% of SMEs have successfully scaled up after 5 years. Macro-economic factors and personal choice contribute to this, however many leaders fail to tap into the power of their own organisation to help them succeed and grow.

At Connect2Decide we facilitate challenging internal conversations to create deep connection and value.

Connect2Decide supports SMEs (or teams) in 3 main ways:

  • DNA diagnostic  This provides valuable insights into your Values, your decision making, and your attitude to conflict and growth. Converts friction to positive action.
  • People keys  An analysis of your talent management strategy and current people management processes in an interactive way. Provides a set of insights and next steps.
  • Founders as leaders  1:1 coaching on authentic leadership, preferred exit strategies, personal goals and related business impact.