Before I go dinghy sailing in Ireland, I check the state of the hull, the sheets, and rig the boat so we’re ready to launch. Same principle applies to coaching. You fire up your thinking in advance by reflecting on a tailored set of Thought Provoking Questions. Here’s 5. Grab a pen and paper, or digital equivalent, and be ready to make notes. Just pause after each question to jot down thoughts, don’t over analyse, it’s not an exam!
TPQ #1,
Look forward 20 years… you’re attending a function where someone is giving a speech about YOU! What would you want them to say?
You may have come across this before, but don’t underestimate it’s power…
If you like, close your eyes and visualise moving through key events, the pandemic has passed and life has moved on, you’ve celebrated a big birthday, gained experience in new roles or different jobs, travelled, built new relationships, and it’s now 2041 and someone is giving a speech about you. What would you want them to say?
TPQ #2.
Think of two people who really inspire you. What about them is inspiring?
Pick people from any two areas of your life, A family member, friend, outstanding boss, someone in the media. One person who inspires me is a consulting colleague from my early change management consulting days. He had great executive presence, held the attention of a group and wove his expertise into an impactful story. Another is my father, who made his dream happen by selling house and home to sail round the world. So find your two people who inspire you, and think, what about them is inspiring?
TPQ #3
What do your close friends and the people who know you best appreciate about you?
TPQ #4
When do you give your power away? To whom?
Symptoms of giving your power away can be disassociation, silence, feelings of inadequacy, ceasing to go for what you really want.
TPQ #5
What brings you joy and fulfilment at work?
Some people find this easy, others aren’t sure if they do feel joy or find fulfilment at work.. but dig around a little to find the moments that stand out for you. They tell you something important about yourself. If you can’t find any at all, then that in itself is an insight and you can work with that.
Look back over your notes, what do you notice?
What one thing will you do as a result of your observation?



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