Practical skills to help you operate effectively at work

Students often learn best practice and theory without having core skills to introduce them effectively into the workplace.  It’s all very well knowing what to do, but how do you get people on board?  How do you create meaningful dialogue and work with a team?  How do you run a meeting so people want to attend?

Having spent years supporting clients introduce change and deliver projects we decided to share core consulting and communication skills to help graduates make things happen at work.  We wish we’d had these skills from day one, and we want to help graduates be competent and confident when facing daily operational challenges.

We help universities and colleges ensure their students hit the ground running, giving them practical tools and skills they need on an operational daily basis.

We understand that just because students have completed an MBA or a business degree, it doesn’t mean they’ve gained the people skills to operate effectively in the workplace.

We focus on helping students understand group dynamics so that:

They can run a meeting effectively at work.

They recognise and respond to conflict within their team in a positive and constructive way.

They have the communication skills to express themselves clearly in a group, while exploring and understanding alternative points of view.

They can facilitate group decisions effectively, gaining buy in and commitment to the agreed course of action.